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    • Holmes Murphy reconciled $300 million of financial transactions down to the last penny

Holmes Murphy & Associates governs connected data from 1,000+ complex sources

Holmes Murphy needed a solution to manage the complexity of an ever-increasing variety of data sources. Additionally, Holmes Murphy needed a way to reduce human error by codifying its business rules to ensure data consistency.

“Our ultimate goal was to spend less time conforming data and more time performing analytics on it,” Witt said. “We’re given this raw data from our clients and there is certain work that needs to be done to manipulate it into something useful. We needed a solution that could turn the data from multiple data sources — 1,001 sources, specifically — into a format that is easy to digest, control and teach. With our previous systems, there was a high probability of human error in the data consumption cycle, so we needed to put a strategic process in place to ensure accuracy.”

Capture data, create applications

With large projects on the horizon, Holmes Murphy set out to find a solution that could solve its data challenges — and QlikView enables business users to consistently capture and manage metadata. At the same time, business communities are empowered to create their own analytic applications with confidence in the data, and security and governance controls in place.

“We knew that QlikView was a cost-effective solution that could handle pulling data in and out of the variety of sources we deal with on a daily basis,” Witt said. “The implementation was painless, and we immediately put the solution to work. The first project was a dataflow for importing 25 years of claims history that we had always had challenges with in the past. We reconciled $300 million of financial transactions down to the penny. This was our largest data import to date — and also our most accurate one. This proved to us from the start that QlikView could handle our demands.”

Faster data preparation

Within just a few months, Holmes Murphy dramatically sped up the process of preparing data for analytics. Approximately 70 frequent users achieve conformance, immediately detect data quality issues, and collaborate among dataflow developers by using QlikView.

Holmes Murphy also reads diverse data sources and models the entire data transformation process. This results in a more agile and more manageable data-provisioning layer. In total, Holmes Murphy has created five dataflows, with the most complex having a maximum of 94 operators.

Governance in action

This new model has enabled Holmes Murphy to raise the level of discourse on data provisioning and define a standard language that simplifies how they communicate on provisioning within the organization.

“This is a true story of governance in action,” says Witt. “Before QlikView, we had no process in place. QlikView allowed us to take projects and put them in a centralized location for data processing and consumption. Now, we have a standard platform that users can go into and understand immediately what’s going on when we have incoming data. We are able to get things done faster, and our time to live analysis is very short.”

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